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when yo friend is considering watchin yo favorite show


(via lilyhoncho)

Anonymous: what do you mean ryan fucked over taissa in coven? how so?

With her character. Zoe. Zoe was supposed to be the main character. That was damn obvious in the first episode. Then little miss Madison (who was originally going to be a minor character) came in and bye bye went poor Zoe Benson to the background. 

 Succubus like powers? Who cares when Madison is a ‘Movie Star’?

Protect the entire Coven from a Zombie Hoard and display strong powers? UhM hello, Madison is funny. Duh.  

Madison, who did absolutely nothing, unimportant? Oh, of course not! But Zoe…That damn, stupid Zoe Benson who killed Madison’s rapist, who attached Spalding’s tongue to find out who killed Madison, who summoned an ax murderer just to find Madison’s location, who begged Misty to bring Madison back, who shared the man she loved with some undead bitch because she ‘felt something’; who tried to teach Kyle basic forms of communication so he could fit in with everyone else, who brought a homeless man back to life…SHE was the most useless character in Coven. 

The ultimate cosmic joke